Sunday, July 11, 2010

Writes her name


After a huge struggle with Lucy and learning time she finally achieved writing her name! I have been working with Lucy and teaching her how to write her letters and numbers, however, she will do it perfect and then 10 minutes later tell me she didn't know how to do what I would ask her to do....this was very frustrating and went on for weeks if not months and I finally hit my wits end and cried from frustration. I began to question if I was a good mom, if I was doing something wrong, did she need extra help, was she behind??? As a tear streamed down my face Lucy looked at me and said "why do you have tears?" I told her I was sad that she wouldn't write for me and the next thing I know she said "let me write the letter Q for you", and wrote up a storm and has written her letters ever since. My kid was messing with me! Everything I taught her she did know she was just being stubborn and didn't want to do it for me. I felt bad for letting her see me sad but I literally had hit rock bottom and was so frustrated, I felt like I had failed when in reality I didn't she was just being lazy and didn't want to. So after her writing a bunch of letters for me I asked her if she would try to write her name and she said sure and whipped it out...LUCY...I was sooo excited and yelled YEAH!!
I told her I had to take a picture of how awesome she did & she was so proud to take the picture and show everyone what she had done.
I think the excitement really shows on her face, doesn't it?

I am so proud of her and love how much she can write, I think she is on the right track to start preschool in August :)

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