Friday, July 23, 2010

Lucy's Dance Recital Dress Rehearsal

Have you ever had one of those day? You know the days where you wish you had a white flag to waive in the air as you yell "I surrender"...well that is exactly how Lucy's dress rehearsal went.  The day was going so smoothly, Gavin was behaving and Lucy was so excited to go, Lucy had her makeup on, tights, hair done and tap shoes on..she was ready to go.  As I go to pick Gavin up I notice something on his back...yep you guessed it poop! The biggest blow out I have ever seen in my life.  As I hold him Lucy is freaking out telling saying "aaww man you're gonna smell like poop for my dance rehersal", "mom he smells like poop", I couldn't help but luagh at her reaction as I had to totally clean him up, change his clothes and about 20 minutes later we are late leaving.  As we were leaving I tried to find my camera which was totally MIA...ugh I was so stressed and my heart was racing, since we were already late I couldn't spend anymore time looking for it and we left the house.  Twenty minutes late we arrived at the dress rehearsal only to find out that I left Lucy's costume at home, yes at HOME.  So mad at myself we walk up to find that what I thought was the entrance wasn't it at i packed the kids back in the car and drove over to the correct area for the rehearsal.  As we get out of the car I told Lucy I was sorry I forgot her costume and she replied "It's OK I ready to do my dance". I love how positive and happy she reacted to the situation. I was so mortified and felt as though I could have cried but her react calmed me down a little and made me not so mad at myself for forgetting it. I mean who brings their kid to a dress rehearsal without their kid in a costume, I did.  As I handed Lucy over to the dance instructors they of course asked where her costume was? When I told them I forgot it they looked at me as though I was playing a huge prank on them and that I had it stashed somewhere, when they realized I was serious one gave me the look of wow you're an idiot and the other said "that's awesome" and laughed.  As I talked to Lucy's teacher and told her about our day she offered her camera so I could take pictures....she was my life saver!  As all the classes perform in their cute costumes I feel the horror of Lucy not in her costume all over again...everyone in her class in their cute costumes and Lucy in a zebra print dress...haha (I only now can laugh at the sight)  Finally, Lucy's class came out and were all lined up there was Lucy sticking out like a sore thumb.  She was smiling and happy to perform. At that moment as I hear a small group of judgemental moms talking about Lucy and wondering where her costume was I became so proud of my little princess!  She didn't care and so neither did I, she was happy and that was all that mattered.  The costume didn't make her perform any better her confidence and attitude did.  She danced and sang her heart out and did awesome!
Lucy was amazing...and after rehearsal we left and went for a Java Junkie cold coffee drink (no coffee in Lucy's of course) it was the perfect ending to a crazy, chaotic day. I am one proud mama!!


  1. Awww, what a day! I think Lucy dancing in her zebra dress is absolutely adorable. :)

  2. Good for Lu Lu! I hate those judgmental moms! It must have been something in the air, cause today was CRAZY for us too! :) Good Job Lu!

  3. Lucy looks adorable. At least I can tell who Lucy is :) I can't wait to put Taylor in dance :) Let's plan a play date soon!