Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Building the Tiki Hut

May 22, 2010

Day 1 - of the building of the Tiki Hut. I had a great idea for Gavin's birthday party to make a ticket booth and recruited my dad who is an amazing woodcraft men to make it with me.  As we discussed the ticket booth I thought why not make it now and use it at Lucy's birthday Luau and call it the Tiki Hut..so the Tiki Hut was born.
Lucy thought she was so cool with the tape measure and measured everything haha
See "Grandpa Owen" its he number 5", Lucy was a crack up & so excited about her Tiki Hut
Lucy even helped saw..of course Grandpa held her hand to saw...safety first!
There she is all built...now paint, lettering and curtains left.
Day two...here is the Tiki Hut with the lettering and paint.
The finished Tiki Hut :)

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