Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mr. Lizard

May 2010

Lucy's new favorite place to eat is Cosi, thanks Janelle for telling us about it!Everyday almost Lucy asks if we can go there for lunch. She loves their "Snores" haha she means Smores but it's so cute I cannot correct her. Lucy loves her cousins and we enjoy any opportunity we can to get together with them so we planned a lunch play date with them and of course we went to Cosi.
The boys LOVED Cosi and Lucy was so excited to show them how to make a Snore.

After Cosi we all came back to our house and the kids played. As usual Lucy came up with something creative to play...they played house and she was the mom and Jake was the dad and Sammy well they told him he was the cat...not the kid, the cat so naturally Sammy got into character and jumped on the hood of the jeep meowing..it was hysterical, my sister and I couldn't stop laughing at how funny they all were being.
As the kids were playing we heard loud screams from all the kids so we went to see what was wrong...well they were visited by a lizard. As my sister went to see the lizards it ran out at her and she screamed loud sending it up my house. I almost pee-ed my pants laughing so hard. It only felt fair to give Mr. Lizard his 5 seconds of fame....so without further a due introducing Mr. Lizard

As you can tell Mr. Lizard is missing a tail so I assume he visits people a lot.

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