Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gavin Sits Up for the 1st time

May 15, 2010 (I know I am super behind on posts)
It was such a great day, Steve & I woke to what we thought was Gavin saying Mama...Yes, Mama. We looked at each other & jumped out of bed to go to his nursery and get him...we were so excited! These words were never repeated that day but we swear he said Mama. I got the kids ready for the day and Steve left for work. Our little man suprised me again by solo sitting for the first time. I was so excited seeing him sit all by himself and play with his toys...so precious! Lucy loved it too she kept clapping for him and telling him he was a "good boy" haha. He kept looking at us with the "what's all the fuss" expression on his face but we couldn't hold back our excitement.

Our big boy sitting up all by himself
He then went into the tummy time position...haha

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