Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Reunion

June 21, 2010

My cousin recently passed away and it was a very tragic and unfortunate event that occurred but has brought the family a little closer together. Prior to the funeral/celebration of life I had not seen my Uncle Gary and Aunt Soozie for 9 years or so due to them living out of state and traveling the world.  Several weeks later that came back into town and wanted to get together and do BBQ.  We all went to my mom's house and they finally got to meet the kids and my hubby.  I was a little nervous because even though they were my uncle & Aunt I really felt like I didn't know them all to well.  We had a great time though so all my fears were put at ease, we chatted and caught up on lost time, looked through old pictures of my mom and my uncle from their childhood, and just reunited the small family we have. It was really nice visiting them and hope that we will be in touch a lot more after our get together.
Sometimes it takes an unfortunate incident to realize how important keeping the family close really is.  
My mom, sister and her family, me and my kiddos with my Uncle Gary
My sister and her family
My mom & Step dad
My mom, step dad, sister and I with my Uncle
Mom, Uncle Gary & Aunt Soozie
My handsome guys!!
Of course I got a picture of the little guys hanging out and having fun as always :)

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