Friday, May 27, 2011

Vacation to Catalina Day 1

For the last week all I have heard about is how many days until our trip from Lucy. She talks about it with her friends and plans our days before we have even left haha Well, she was BEYOND excited last night knowing today is the day...we set sail on our fun mini vacation for 4 days to Catalina :)

Almost too good to be true we were packed, and ready, kids ready, car loaded, and on our way to catch the ferry  all at an horribly early 6:15 am ....YIKES we are not early risers...or should I say Princess Lucy is not an early riser..haha but wow we did it!  We met 1 set of friends, the Woldenga Family at the Starbucks and began our caravan and adventure to Catalina :)  Super excited about the trip and amazed to have actually been on time we got on the ferry and set sail to beautiful Catalina :) We left out of Newport Beach which was gorgeous sailing through the harbor. As we sailed through the harbor the boat was slowly moving through the water, the kids were excited all standing along side of the back of the boat just loosing their marbles happy about the boat ride and the trip...It was picture perfect!

Well, once we got out of the harbor and the boat floored it haha the kids all had faces of terror...almost as if qued they all began crying and wouldn't stop.  They were beyond scared as the boat hit each and every wave...I can honestly quote the line from Seinfied "The seas were angry that day my friend" haha
The boat ride was HORRIBLE!! After 10 mins of crying I dreaded the other hour that was still left on the boat. I wish I could have gotten a picture of our group but the minute I even took my hand off Lucy she flipped out so I didn't dare reach for my camera!

Finally we arrived in Catalina :) It was such a beautiful sight to see as we docked in the harbor and I honestly felt as though I was in some European island somewhere and not still in California, it was wonderful!! The harbor was filled with cute sailboats and unique colorful houses lined the hillsides it was a sight to see!!  We did the 5 minute walk with the kids, luagage, strollers and got to the hotel and got situated. Our room is so cute! We have a very quaint balony which over looks the Metropole Hotel marketplace courtyard filled with trees, flowers and cute little shops and a great view of the ocean in the distance.  My favorite thing about our room is the cute fireplace.  I will make it a point to have a fire going several nights this trip :)  Our friends the Woldengas are our hotel neighbors which is really fun! The kids keep taking turns playing in each room, talking and having fun on the balconies.  They're so cute!!  Jessica and I would chat while enjoying our view and the fresh air. The perfect beginning to a mini vacation.

We then went and got some yummy mexican food at a local restuarant Mi Casita and OMG they had the biggest and yummiest margaritas :) Just what we needed after a crazy long morning.  We then went to the local grocery store to get some snacks and went for a beautiful walk on the boardwalk.  As we began our walk we ran into the Fanzo family :) The whole reason we all made the trek to Catalina for the mini celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary :) So the whole group of us set off to walk and take in all the beauty the island had to offer.  The kids played in the sand, hunted for seashells, threw rocks, played on the beach, played a local tree hook game, and just had a blast playing for hours while listening to the waves crash. While the adults watched and enjoyed some yummy margaritas :) It was a perfect afternoon!!

Day 1 of our mini vacation was WONDERFUL!! It was such a fun, laughter filled day with amazing friends.  As I put Lucy to bed she even melted my heart by saying "I Love you Mommy" and "This is such a fun vacation" she's such a sweet girl! Gavin didn't tell me anything but I know he had a wonderful day too! He smiled for ear to ear all day...minus the boat ride haha  The moment of the day though that melted my heart was watching Gavin and Steve walking along the beach :) I love my guys!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching Gavin walk.. Perfect memories to end an amazing day :)

 My loves waiting for the ferry :)

Lucy and Micah checking out the ferry as we wait to board

 Enjoying the ferry ride through the harbor.

                                                                 Steve & Matt
                                                     Our hotel Neighbor, Jessica

                                                          Searching for Seashells

Matt, Bobby, and Steve

                                                        Napping on the beach
                                               The Gang playing the tree hook game
 My Pina Colada was delicious!
                                                 He LOVED the whip cream treat

                                                Lucy and Ella..such sweet friends

                                          Giving Daddy some hugs on the beach