Sunday, July 11, 2010

Father's Day Celebration

After the families loving the Mother's Day celebration we hosted we decided what the heck let's throw one for Father's Day.  The celebration made it really nice because we celebrated it with all our dads and didn't have to spend the day or weekend driving everywhere to make sure we saw them all.  We were all in one place which also allowed Steve to enjoy his Father's day doing whatever he wanted on Sun :)
So the Saturday before Father's Day our families came over and we had a wonderful BBQ, of course since it was requested Steve grilled up Carne Asada and we had a huge Mexican feast. The weather was perfect and everyone had a blast! It was also a special day because my grandparents and Steve's Aunt & Uncle joined us in the celebration.
I am so mad at myself because looking back at all the pictures I realized I didn't get pictures with everyone or pictures of all the cute stuff I made for the celebration...Note to self do better next year! Since there is a lack of pictures let me fill in the blanks..we talked, laughed, told stories, Lucy played Strawberry Shortcake with Mema and Great Grandma, we had a yummy chocolate cake and since Papa's birthday was the day before we celebrated and sang him Happy Birthday, their was lots of hugs, kisses and most importantly we were all there big happy family!
The centerpiece I made for the tables
I don't know what it is but I am in love with napkin wraps...
Gavin on his first Father's day...don't you just love his shirt I made him?? It's a skull tie shirt :)

The Father's day presents I put together for my Step dad and Father in Law...
They both have everything and both love movies so I thought they were perfect for them, I filled a plastic popcorn containers them with their favorite candy, popcorn, and movie theater gift cards.  They LOVED them!
Lucy & her great grandma
The grill
Gavin & Brenn...only 7 weeks apart cousins and great friends :)
Gavin and his Mema
Great Grandma and Gavin
The kiddos with Grandma Owen
My dad & I with his Father's Day present...I made him a pot painted and decorated in a golf theme and stuffed it with his favorite candy, munchies, Callaway Diablo golf balls, and a gift certificate to the in-door driving perfect for him.

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