Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lucy's Luau

With all the excitement of planning our family vacation to Kauai Lucy has seen a ton of pictures, and heard a lot of talking about Hawaii so when she was asked what theme she wanted for her party she replied "A Hawaii Party!" A couple of months later I asked her again and got the same answer so a Luau themed party is what she would have.  I had a lot of fun planning this party and really wanted to give our guests the feel of Hawaii and since we live in Southern California and her birthday being in June a luau seemed fit.
I then began to brain storm about a luau and of course the main focus is the hula I created these invitations
The inside of the invitation read

After making the invitations I was able to work on all the details...this was so much fun! I got great fabric from JoAnns to use as accents for the table clothes

And of course needed to stock up on some cute ribbon :)
After all the shopping I just let my creative juices flow haha and had a blast making every detail perfect!
The look on Lucy's face when she woke up the morning of her party and saw our house transformed was priceless...
Our table set up and centerpieces. Each table had a different colored table cloth and a different print
fabric to coordinate with it.
Remember my Farmer's market find...It was perfect for the front door
I set seashells and star fish to accent the food area.  Special note: these seashells we passed down generations and are from the 50's found on our beaches...
The lollipop tree filled with hibiscus and flip flop suckers, the kids loved it!
The front foyer had a bin for every guest to grab their lei and get into the Hawaiian spirit
The yummy cupcake table...I love the cupcake toppers designed with the help of Jen at Blush Printables
Delicious food catered by Debran ans Kenny
Used these vintage candy jars to hold the rainbow goldfish & bags of Crazy Core Skittles (Lucy's favorite)
I was so proud of my chocolate covered pretzels...this was my first attempt and they were a huge hit :)
The party buckets with a shovel, rake, and scooper
The Tiki Hut my dad and I built for the party filled with hibiscus bubbles, parasols, fun Hawaiian glasses, Hawaiian clappers, and tons of other fun goodies...isn't it cute? I even made the curtains for it :)
The direction post for outdoor activities
Coconut Bowling! I set up a bowling alley for the kids and they loved it!
Limbo anyone??
Our custom poster we had made for the Pin the Monkey on the Palm Tree
A palm tree filled with monkeys
Hibiscus lanterns hung from the patio cover
what would a luau be without a ton of beach balls thrown around the yard?
Tons of hula hoops too
Big and little kids LOVED these fun Hawaiian silly glasses
Happy birthday Lucy!!
Lucy loved her cupcake!
Me and my big Kahuna
My little birthday girl
We even had Hawaiian brewed beer that was amazingly good
Lucy drinking her Tiki Punch...we saw it at the store and she said "Mom we have to get those for my Hawaii party" haha
Lucy and Ella
Gavin was the big Kahuna of the Luau
I love this picture best friends feeding the munchkins at the luau 
Cali, Lucy and Riley 
Lucy and Cali
Even after the party Lucy played with the hula hoops
Mahalo to all who came and made Lucy's 4th birthday a very special and memorable one, we had a blast!

Also a special thanks to Jen at Blush Printables for helping design the cupcake toppers, party favor tags, and napkin wraps you are amazing and I loved working with you :)


  1. OhmyGOSH this turned out AMAZING! You did such a fantastic job, and I loveloveLOVE all the attention to detail! I cannot believe you built that Tiki Hut -- and what a FABULOUS accessory for such a fun day! It looks like everything turned out perfect, and Lucy had such an amazing birthday party!!

  2. That party was absolutely adorable! I love all of it. Maybe if I have a Luau for Taylor someday I will have to borrow some of your ideas.

  3. Your party (Already two years ago!) was great! My girl is getting 11 - she will give a Luau too - with coconutbowling and maybe even monkey-pricking too (never too old to prick a monke). And also thanks for your decorating ideas !