Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucy's Solo Swim

May 30, 2010

To celebrate Memorial Day we were invited to a wonderful Memorial Day Pool Party by the Land Family. Laura and Will are friends from college and Laura is my big sis from my sorority. I love any opportunity to get together, hang out, and let our kids play. Today was so special because it was Gavin's first time in a pool, I wondered would he scream & hate it? love it? our just want nothing to do with it?...well to our surprise he LOVED it. I took him and swam around with him and he loved it never one cry or freak out, which was completely different then how Lucy reacted when she was a baby. 
Another great event that made the day AMAZING was Lucy did her first real long distance solo swim. Last summer we worked sooo hard at getting her comfortable with water and teaching her how to swim. She went from the kid who wouldn't leave the step to the kid who would swim holding your hand and would let you give her a little distance but not much. Today was her first time back in a pool since last summer and I was so nervous that we would have to start all over again. Nope, she was eager to get into the pool and swim her heart out. Lucy adopted Brad a college friend of mine to be her swim partner. He helped her get the confidence to swim across the whole pool by herself. We were all so proud of her and you could tell she was proud too! I feel so blessed to have such amazing kids, their smiles and daily quirks leave a smile on my heart!  It was a great day, good food, good friends, good swimmer, and good water baby made for a great way to celebrate our Memorial day weekend.
 Laura swimming with Lucy & Cate
Lucy & Brad
Lucy's solo swim across the whole pool
Such a proud girl of her awesome solo swim...We love you Lucy!!

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