Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vacation to Catalina Day 2

I know it is WWAAAYYYY late but in attempt to try to get back on the blog banwagon I need to start with finishing my drafts haha

So here it is better late then never :)

Catalina, Day 2:

We had a fun morning being lazy and playing around the room. The kids laughed, tickled, and played with toys while Steve and I played right along side of them.  We watched a gorgeous sunrise and then left the slider open to let in the wonderful cool ocean breeze.  I went and got yummy coffee drinks for Steve and I and hot cocoa for the Lucy and we had our homemade blueberry muffins Lucy & I made before we left for Catalina for breakfast :)

We then all got ready and went with our hotel neighbor to lunch and headed out for a day on the beach :) 
It was a beautiful, sunny day that was so relaxing and perfect! 
                    We sat outside right on the water it was beautiful and the weather was so perfect!!

                                                    Enjoying the delicious treat for eating all their lunches :)

                                                                   Lucy and Makenna

After Lunch we headed to the beach to soak up the sun, build sandcastles and have fun with friends :)

                                                                      Love my guys!!


                                                    Lucy, Ella, and Micah building sandcastles

                                        How lucky am I to have this amazing hubby? VERY!!!
                                                                          Jessica & I
My little Lulu LOVED the beach and sand!! She couldn't stop asking me to take her picture :)

After all that sun we walked the boardwalk and got some AMAZING ice cream in freshly made waffle cones....DELICIOUS!

                              Of course I got a double scoop mint n' chip and cookies and cream :)

 After ice cream we did a little shopping and then went back to the room and got refreshed and ready for a fun BBQ at the Fanzo's Beach house with the whole group who made the trek to Catalina :) 

 The kids all played and watched movies while the grown ups hung out had some drinks and lots of laughs!
                  Hamburgers by Grill Master Bobby and tons of yummy treats by the Amazing Jessica :)
 A wonderful 2nd day on the island. It was so nice to be woken up by the sound of the waves and pure serenity and then the sound of little giggles. A able to go through the day without a care in the world and not having to be anywhere by anytime it was wonderful to truely be on "island time" :)