Saturday, July 31, 2010

Independence Day 5k Fun Run

July 3, 2010

My friend Janelle organized and hosted the Independence Day 5k Fun Run to benefit Project HOPE and we decided to participate.  I had a lot of anxiety about the race due to my knee, this would be my first time trying to walk for a long period of time let alone being in a race like setting.  I asked my friend Michelle if she would do it with me too because she use to be my walking partner and I knew she would help push me to do my best (Steve's a runner and I knew he would want to see how far he could run I didn't want to hold him back).  The morning of the race Lucy was so excited she kept telling me that we were gonna win...haha innocent, naive child, I knew we would never win my goal was to not come in last haha.  The race was really fun and amazingly my knee did great! The weather was perfect, we had a lot of friends who did the race and the scenery around the race was pretty.  After 30 minutes of power walking pushing the double stroller I was exhausted but with Lucy cheering I had bursts of energy.  We were towards the back of the group and were so far back we couldn't see anyone in front of us, so Lucy thought we were the winners...haha  Michelle and I kept saying "Yeah Lulu we won your race" and Lucy was so excited.  We finally finished the race and were not last...YEAH, we won in Lucy's eyes and I was excited to finish it and not be last.  Michelle and I finished in 42 minutes which sounds like a long time but for being only 60 days after knee surgery I was proud of my time.  Thanks Janelle for putting on a fun race and giving me the encouragement I needed to sign up :) Thanks Michelle for being a great walking partner as always :)

Before the race

And After the race
Jessica, Janelle and I after the race

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