Thursday, July 29, 2010

Disneyland for Lucy's 4th birthday

For Lucy's actual birthday we decided to take her to Disneyland, we hadn't been for 10 months (because of my knee and having surgery) so she has been having major withdraws.  We took 3 days and went to the Happiest Place on Earth.  Lucy was so excited it was all she talked about for weeks besides her party of course.  We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel for the first time and really liked it, the rooms were bigger then at the Grand Californian and it provided a more goofy laid back atmosphere. Don't get me wrong we love the Grand Californian it was just nice to experience somewhere different.  So that Tuesday we arrived and got situated in our room which was so amazing we viewed the Never land pool area and the Matterhorn at Disneyland...which means we had a perfect view of the nightly firework show...We all were so excited!  We met up with my dad and step mom (Grandpa and Grandma Owen) and went to a yummy Italian dinner at Downtown Disney, walked around and ended our night with the firework show. It was so great sitting on the end of our beds and being able to watch the whole show right there. No one blocking your view, pushing us, or distracting us, you know all the usual joys of Disneyland crowds.
Yeah we made it! Now time for some fun!!
Oh course the little man had to bring his froggie...He LOVES his frog!
Lucy LOVED her pasta, she kept saying "this is delicious"
The kids even got balloon animals...well a flower for Lu and a sword for Gavin
He didn't know what to with it so he kept trying to eat it...Gavin and his sword had us laughing all night
My horrible attempt at capturing the awesome firework show, reason 530 why I need a new camera...haha

On Wednesday, Lucy's birthday she woke up at 6 am so excited to see what surprises we had in store for her. She couldn't wait to get into Disneyland.  We all got ready and did the early hotel entry into the park.  Grandma and Grandpa Owen passed out the buttons...Lucy got her official Birthday Princess Button and Gavin got his First Visit button.  We got our fast passes for the World of Color at California Adventure and went on our first ride...Soaring over California! Lucy was so excited, this was the first time she had been on it because she was never tall enough. Lucy couldn't get the smile off her face, it melted my heart how happy she was and Gavin kept checking everything out...he was so cute!  Notice how they're holding hands :) they do this every time they are together, they love each other so much! I love them so much!
In line for Soaring over California
Since it was the Princess's birthday it seemed only fit to surprise her and take her to the Bibbidi Bobbidi  Boutique and get her a princess makeover...Lucy lost her marbles she was so excited!
Lucy and her fairy godmother ...deciding what makeover to get...of course Lucy didn't hesitate, she has been on a big Little Mermaid kick so she picked Ariel the Mermaid without even seeing all her options.
The Princess talking to her royal subjects
The transformation
The picking of the magical ring...she picked a big pink one naturally, Lucy LOVES pink!
Showing  how old she is F-O-U-R...Wow I still cannot believe my princess is four
Check out that bling...haha
Telling silly stories...I think the fairy godmother said something about Gavin wearing a dress...haha
Every princess needs a pink crown :)
Such a beautiful princess!!
The fairy godmother put fairy dust (glitter) to finish the transformation
She became official and got the birthday princess sash to prove it
Getting ready for the unveiling...Lucy got to see herself transformed into Ariel
It was such a fun experience and Lucy loved it! She got to pick out everything, the hair, the ring, makeup, nail polish, face jewel, and crown. She even got a princess bag to carry all her goodies.

After the princess makeover we went on another ride or two and then headed over to Ariel's Grotto for the character lunch.  Lucy was so excited to meet and show Ariel her princess makeover.  She kept telling me "I'm going to ask Ariel to be my best friend", "I love her"...she was so precious!
Lucy and Grandma Owen waiting for our table...Lucy would not stop looking at the pager...she wanted to meet Ariel and all the other princesses so badly. The funny thing is she's meet all of them except Sleeping Beauty a bunch of times...she loves her princesses!
The faces he was making cracked me funny little man with Grandpa
Getting Ariel's autograph
Gavin was in such a good mood and had a blast with all the princesses too!
Telling Sleeping Beauty how old she is...F-O-U-R
Taking a break between visiting with the princesses for her favorite...watermelon! Ever since Grandpa Owen told her watermelon makes your eyes shine she eats it like crazy.
Lucy's dessert for a princess!
She even got a white chocolate seashell
Everyone came and sang Happy Birthday to Princess Lucy!
Make a wish!!
Lucy loves her Grandpa Owen
Gavin's first time meeting Micky and he cared more about the ceiling fan then the 6 ft tall mouse...haha
Lucy was on a huge autograph kick, she filled her book up
Gavin got ears...Mickey Mouse ears that is...Thanks Grandpa!
We had a wonderful lunch at Ariel's Grotto. Lucy loved meeting all the princesses and eating her special mac n' cheese and dessert tray.  Gavin laughed and got a kick at all the Princesses, he was such a ladies man...haha  My dad, step mom, Steve and I loved watching the kids have a blast and the food was delicious...the best we've had yet at Disneyland.

After all the excitement and a few more rides and autographs we went back to the hotel for a little nap and recharge for the evening.  We spent the evening getting more autographs (Lucy was on a huge autograph kick), rode more rides, and watched the World of Color show which was AMAZING!
Lucy waiting for the show

Happy Birthday Princess Lucy we love you! 


  1. Looks like sooo much fun! I am going through total with drawls because we havent been since last November! I think we'll get passes again this x-mas. What a lucky girl to have 2 parents like you and Steve to make her b-day dreams come true!!!