Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This and that

June was a very busy month for us but in between the special events and celebration we took time for a little this and a little that.. here are some random but wonderful days we had :)

There was lots of tummy time, not Gavin's favorite past time but he's getting much better at it.
Great entertainment...haha Lucy loves dancing and singing for Gavin and Gavin LOVES watching his big sister, he has instant smiles when she entertains him
Lucy helped feed Gavin his applesauce...
Pool days
And even a yummy breakfast at the Original Pancake of our favorites spots for amazing omelette's and pumpkin pancakes..delicious!! Can you tell we love food? haha
This is what he looked like 5 minutes later...we all laughed and couldn't believe he just passed out like this..he NEVER does this.

Riley's 5th Birthday
A trip to Pump It Up for Riley's 5th birthday party. Lucy loves this place and we had her birthday party there last year and every party we've gone to since she reminds me that was here party place...she cracks me up.
Lucy & the birthday girl Riley
Lucy's favorite thing there is this huge slide
Lucy had a blast at Riley's party she even got brave enough to do the rock wall.

Kaylee's 4th Ice Cream Party
So cute Lucy's friend Kaylee had a Ice Cream themed 4th birthday party that we went to. The girls had so much fun and making colored sand necklaces, playing, and eating their ice cream out of these super cute ice cream bowls Nikki found. We even got to bring it home :)
Lucy & Madison enjoying their yummy ice cream
Steve made fun of me for this picture but I totally loved the ice cream bowls so I thought they deserved a pic
It was a fun party I only wish I would have gotten more pictures but unfortunately Gavin doesn't always cooperate and allow me to take picture. Thanks Nikki for the fun Ice Cream party!

Lucy's Dance Recital Picture Day
Lucy was beyond excited for her picture day.  She lost her marbles when I told her she got to wear her costume and wear makeup. She thought she had died and had gone to heaven, the kid obsesses over lip gloss so the fact that she got to wear lipstick...Oh my God she lost it...haha

Ella, Lucy, and Kaelyn right before picture time

The girls were all so excited and looked so adorable

It was a very excited and fun morning...oh how I love Lucy's recital costume, she is so pretty in pink!

I cut bangs
After years of deliberation I finally decided what the heck Reese Witherspoon can do it so can I and I cut bangs. 

As always there was a lot of snuggling...Gavin LOVES his big sissy and she loves him!

A little...OK a lot of Shopping

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Gavin, I only wish it was from my good camera instead of my camera phone but at least I capture him in this cute moment :)

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  1. Such a fun post! I can't believe Gavin fell asleep in the high chair!!!
    I LOVE Lucy's recital pictures with all the pink and bowS!
    And LOVE your new bangs, very posh :)