Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Samantha's Princes Party

May 2010
We went to Samantha's 3rd b-day party which was a fabulous Princess theme. Tawny is so amazingly creative and loves to throw a good party. She had zebra & hot pink everywhere.  Hot pink tulle tied around the chairs, hot pink & black tissue pom poms hanging from the ceiling, handmade signs tied together with ribbon, every detail was amazing and kept the theme complete.  The princesses arrived at the Paino castle and made their crowns, got makeovers, had tutus to try on and play with, made necklaces and the list goes on and on. Lucy had a blast & loves Samantha. It's so nice to see Lucy and Samantha play together and grow up since Tawny & I are college buddies and sorority sisters :)
Lucy was so proud of her princess crown that he made. Lucy, Samantha, and a couple of other princesses had a blast looking at all the fun stuff they were able to put on their crowns.  There even were some older princesses to help assist them with their creations.
Lucy & Samantha were twins and it wasn't even planned...hum great minds think alike, right?
Prince Gavin had a blast watching all the princesses! Lucy gave hugs to the pretty birthday girl!
Thanks Tawny & Joe for letting us share in your princess's special day!

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  1. Such a sweet post, you are TOO kind! You can't say that your parties aren't EXACTLY the same with all your craftiness too :)
    I love the last picture of the girls hugging! We need to BBQ STAT!!!