Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gavin is 6 months

June 17, 2010

WOW our little man is already 6 months old, where did the time go? Through the past six months we have experienced so many wonderful moments and been faced with some difficult times. Our little man is so strong though and pulled throw like a champion. After intense monitoring and many days in an incubator receiving photo therapy Gavin is jaundice free. Then he experienced the horrible intestinal pain of colic and finally is now colic free, YEAH! So his temperament is much better and he cries a lot less which has been wonderful on our nerves. He recovered wonderfully after being hospitalized due to Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and finally regained his full breathing capacity. A month ago Gavin was experiencing breathing problems and was diagnosed with asthma which he continues to manage and control with the help of his nebulizer. Gavin is such a happy, smiley, gigglie baby boy.
His constant smiles melt my heart. He has the most amazing smile, cutest dimples, and when he smiles you can see the excitement in his gorgeous big blue eyes. I love the way Gavin's giggles are so deep like a belly laugh. Here are some things about Gavin that are so amazing!

He loves his sissy
He is a good snuggler
He loves to hold on to you...I call him a clinger...haha
He loves music and to dance
He loves watching his sissy dance or sing to him
He loves playing his toy drums
His lower lip is so cute when it quivers
His cute chubby thighs
His loud yell/baby talk
His facial expression when you get him out of his crib in the morning
How cute he is sitting up
His curiosity
How he splashes in the bathtub
His amazingly blue eyes
How much he giggles when I tickle him with my nose
His look when he wants to see who's watching him
His gorgeous long spiky blond hair
His soft skin
How he loves to have his head washed/rubbed he looks so relaxed every time
His amazingly cute dimples
His super cute smile
How he loves to hold my hand
How he rests his hand on his sissy in the car
His grunts
How he makes my heart feel every time I look at him
He loves to wrestle pillows...its the funniest thing ever
How he sleeps snuggled up with his frog
How he puts his arms up and will give you a hug
He loves bananas, peaches, green beans, carrots the most
How he hates pears..his facial expression is priceless...haha
His squeal
How he rests his feet up on his stroller tray
How much he completes our family

Gavin is an amazing little man and I feel so blessed to be able to experience all that my little man has to offer.  I have a handsome little man and a beautiful princess...the best of both world!

Happy 6 months Gavin!!

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