Sunday, July 11, 2010

Balloon and Wine Festival

June 5, 2010

Steve volunteered to work the Balloon and Wine Festival with a friend so I figured what the heck we have never been its a beautiful summer day why not take the kids and let them see the balloons and do the kids faire within the festival, so off we went. Lucy was so excited it was the longest 15 minute drive for her she kept asking "Are we there yet?" the whole way there.  Once we arrived I loaded the kids in the stroller and we began our trek through the festival.
Not knowing what all was in store we went to see and visit with Steve/daddy and then headed over to the Kids Faire. Wow so fun, they had a tent set up with a bunch of animals & insects that you don't see everyday around here. They had a porcupine, turtle, monkey, snakes (OK well we have those around here), scorpions and the list goes on. Lucy loved being able to see the huge turtle and touch it. I think that was her favorite to see. As we made our way through the animal tent it opened up to a fun filled area of typical fair activities. Lucy got her face painted, went in the petting zoo, rode the pony, and even colored a patch piece for a quilt to be given to children who are ill, abused or traumatized. The nonprofit agency responsible for the quilts is Binky Patrol, it is such a great cause and so touching, if you would like to learn more please visit their website at
She loved her face painting and picked out the design all by herself :)
Lucy LOVED drawing a picture for another little kid. She was so cute she drew herself so that the little kid who got the quilt would have her as a friend, she is so precious! I love my girl so much, so sweet!
Gavin was such a trooper and patiently waited for his sissy in the stroller. He would not take his eyes off of her all day long, he loves Lucy so much it is adorable. Oh and gotta love his gummy face he made it all day. haha
Wait a you notice anything different? Lucy is on the outside of the petting zoo now...Well let's just say the ostrich kept chasing the goose and well Lucy got super scared and wanted to feed them only from outside the zoo area. It was the weirdest and funnest thing ostrich chasing a goose not something you see everyday...haha
Lucy LOVED the pony ride
Of course the festival wouldn't be complete without a cute pic in the Hot Air Balloon basket
FUN TIMES...Now nap time.
We had such a blast at the Balloon & Wine Festival despite how hot it got out there, thank God for the awesome Snow Cone vendor who helped keep us cool. As for how much fun they had I think this picture speaks for itself .

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