Thursday, May 27, 2010

Smiles with Jake

The other day we went over to my mom's house so that Lucy could visit with her Mema & Peepa. When we pulled into the driveway Lucy saw my sister's truck, she instantly got excited and hoped that her cousins were there to play with.  To our surprise 2 or her 3 cousins were there and so was Auntie.  Lucy & Jake ran around playing monsters and having a blast while Gavin and cousin Brenn hung out in their car seats. Lucy loves any chance she can to play with her cousins, I think they are not only her cousins but her best friends too! The kids were so cute I couldn't help but take pictures of them and their wonderful smiles :)
Speaking of smiles Auntie was getting nothing but smiles for Gavin, he loves his Auntie.

And of course a I had to get a picture of me & my Lulu

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