Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Booking our trip

Today we finally purchased our airline tickets to Hawaii, booked our rental car, and while doing so I noticed that Hawaiian airlines offers a Lei greeting through the concierge.  I thought what a wonderful way to start our Hawaiian family vacation, right? I just knew that Lucy would have a smile from ear to ear once she gets he beautiful flower lei, so I booked that too :) Such a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that everything is booked, paid for and ready to go, all we have left to do is schedule our activities.  The scheduling of the activities so far has been a tough one because we want to do some many things but realistically need to narrow it down to a couple.  Once I purchased the tickets and everything I was so excited to tell Lucy that we had gotten our plane tickets. Her reaction was just as I imaged, one huge smile! Lucy being Lucy wanted all the details; what the plane looked like, what her seat looked like, how big it was, and so on, she cracked me up with all her questions.  My parents are accompanying us on our trip so Lucy asked me mom, her Mema, "Mema who is going to hold your suitcase & Peepa's (my step dad) suitcase?" My mom responded "we are Lucy", Lucy responded "No, a Hawaiian lady does".  My mom and I couldn't help but laugh. Ever since we decided on our family trip being to Hawaii Lucy constantly talks about Hawaii, it is the cutest thing. She thinks that Hawaiian people and hula girls are going to help us with innocent.


  1. So exciting!! You'll have SO much fun!!

  2. See you figured out your signature!! Yay!