Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

The Saturday before Mother's day we had a Mother's day celebration at our house. We invited both of our parents over and had a BBQ.  Lucy I and I had gone and bought tons of flowers to make floral arrangements for the moms and I found a tutorial on making paper flower wraps and thought that would add a matching touch to the flowers.
The flower cone wraps w/ flowers for all the moms I made.



The beautiful flowers Lucy & I bought to create these great looking centerpieces. I love how mason jars can be used to make anything look cute!


     My little man I celebrating our first Mother's day together...I love you Gavin!!
My beautiful Lulu & I. She was so excited to have all her grandparents over and celebrate with them. As everyone got there she welcomed them with a "Happy Mother's Day" even to her Peepa..haha We then had to explain to her that Mother's Day was only for Moms. My sweet, precious Lucy loves any reason to celebrate.

My world & the reason I celebrate
Grandpa Owen & the kiddos
My daddy & I
Silly Lucy, used the tissue paper from the presents to make herself a new beautiful dress. Lucy is absolutely obsessed with imagination play. She is just too cute!
We couldn't stop laughing, Lucy even made Peepa & Grandpa Owen new tissue paper outfits...such a silly girl!
Gavin & his Peepa
My everything, so family
All the mothers celebrating the beautiful wonders of motherhood
I thought I would use this opportunity to take pictures of Lucy & Gavin with all their grandparent. I feel so blessed for my children to have such amazing influences in their lives. They truly love their grandparents.

Grandpa & Grandma Owen 
Mema & Peepa
Grammy & Papa

What a wonderful day! The weather was wonderful, the food was delicious and we spent the day laughing, telling stories, and playing with the kids. The day could not have gotten anymore perfect. Oh, wait it did...we served dessert :) I made homemade brownies served with vanilla bean ice cream, and homemade Strawberry graham cracker tarts...mmmm

My beautiful Mom & I


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  1. What a fantastic Mother's Day! Such cute decor and Yummo tarts!!!
    So glad you decided to break down and blog!!! Welcome to the other side of the Internet world!
    Had SO Much fun visiting last weekend! Can't wait till our next BBQ :)