Saturday, May 22, 2010

A beautiful Mother's Day

Celebrated my first Mother's day as mommy of two! I spend the morning playing with Lucy & Gavin, it was a great morning filled with tickles and giggles.  Lucy then gave me my Mother's day present from her & Gavin, it was a cute ceramic plate that she decorated with Steve's help. It read "We love you Mommy, love Lucy & Gavin" the plate is so cute and Lucy was extremely excited to give it to me.  I was also very excited because I have for over a year wanted Steve to make a homemade craft with Lucy to give me for every holiday and well let's just face it men are not very craft & scared of even stepping foot into a Joann's or Michael's so this was finally the day that my wish came true.
After opening my great present & giving tons of hugs we went to lunch at Pat & Oscars. We love going there and stuffing ourselves with their yummy Greek salad, pizza & bread sticks, delicious! After lunch we went to the duck pond at Harveston. We absolutely love Harveston! It reminds us of a community in Texas we love called Savannah, where we bought a house and almost moved to years ago.
It was wonderful and the day was beautiful, a bit windy but still beautiful!  Lucy was so excited to feed the ducks and Gavin was still sleeping. She even got a chance to feed some baby ducks and they were so cute. Lucy is cute when she feeds the ducks she talks to them and asks them if they are hungry and tells them to share the bread, she has enough for them all. So sweet my precious Lucy!

My sleepy little man
Gavin finally woke up from his nap to enjoy the beautiful day at Harveston
My handsome little man in a shirt so appropriate for Mother's day
After all the duck feeding, rock jumping, tree climbing, and playing we went home and spent a relaxing afternoon watching movies and lounging in bed :) Steve went and got dinner from the Spicy Pickle, they have the best sandwiches and yes they are served with a spicy pickle sounds weird but they are delicious! We had a wonderful day and I enjoyed celebrating my first mother's day as a mommy of two!

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